Articles by Xavier Berenguer
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The skin of the Earth
in Spanishin Catalan
The soil, source of food and life (2023*)
Words on the Moon
in Spanishin Catalan
The first steps on the Moon were historical, some of the words by the astronauts were too (2019)
Land ho!
in Spanishin Catalan
The claim of the sailors to announce the proximity of land acquires nowadays a new meaning (2019)
Master Martí
in Catalan
In memoriam of professor Martí Vergès (2016)
A comment on the film Easy Rider (1993)
The age of bronze
in Spanish
Similitarities between the prehistoric and the present sciences (1987)
Weekly notes on technology (1986)
50 years of astronomy
in Spanishin Catalan
Video for a commemoration (2010)
Three musicians
in Catalan
Reports for a television program (1993)
Saharaui people
in Spanish
Film on the beginning of their fight (1977*)
Combinatorial Optimization
A polinomial solution for this combinatorial problem (1982*)
Researches on a problem of graph theory (1981)
Definitions, examples and limits (1981*)
Optimizing circuits in connected graphs (1979)
Stabilization of some combinatorial problems on symmetrical graphs in Spanish
Algorithms for producing stable graphs (1979*)
Admissible transformations for the delivery problem in Catalan
Approximate solutions for certain problems on graphs (1978)
The delivery problem
in Catalan
Analisis and heuristics for the delivery problem (PhD thesis, 1975)

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