Twelve senses
a CD-ROM devoted to Catalan Poetry

J. Ignasi Ribas, multimedia producer
Xavier Berenguer, project director
Pere Freixa, graphic designer

Audiovisual Institute
Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

Lecture at ISEA'96, Rotterdam (1996)

Screens sample

                  menu General menu

After the opening sequence, a general menu presents the main sections: Poets, Poetic Recital, Encyclopedia and Other.

                  a poet The poets

Starting with the first section, you choose one of the twelve poets.

                  Marti i Pol Entry screen for a poet

With his or her signature, some lines chosen as emblematic, a recent photography over the view of the place where he or she works.

Feliu Formosa Poems

Each poet has personally selected five poems.

The first appears in video together with the text.

                  Sarsanedas In the second, the text "take shape", following the tradition of the calligram and visual poetry, on the basis of the author's voice. It is a free visual interpretation (made with the kind tolerance of the poets ;-)
                  Gimferrer The recital of a third poem can be followed with the images of the original manuscript.
                  Palau i Fabre Finally, a last couple of poems can be heard and read showing new photographies of the poet.
                  Casassas Interview

The poets can be seen and heard commenting their own work or speaking about poetry or art in general.

                  Bonet Book Covers

The covers of each author's books of poems provide a visual tour of their published work, with bibliographical information and details of prizes received where relevant.

Marius Sampere Photo Album

Each poet has combed his or her photo album, selected eight photographs and captioned them with his or her voice.

                  Merce Mar*al Those special objects

They present half a dozen objects which for some reason are especially meaningful to them. They also show us their rag-bags full of surprises.

Joan Brossa Crazes

Painting, music, films, translation, collecting and passions divers... Each author proudly confesses the craze on which he or she happily fritters away time and energy.

                  Parcerisas Biographies and bibliographies

A biography (often expressly written) and an extensive, up-to-date bibliography enlarge and document the reportage on each author, making this CD-ROM a vast database on Catalan poetry.

Narcis Comadira The best writings on their work

Each poet has made a selection of writings (prologues, reviews, interviews) which he or she feels best introduce their work (all these writings may be printed). There is also an anthology of general articles on contemporary Catalan poetry and a list of the main awards and their winners.

recital Recital

Finally, you can create poetry recitals in a virtual theatre with poems recited by their authors. You can combine them at your own, adding entr'actes or interludes, or simply requesting an automatic choice to organise a different multimedia poetry happening.


You can order the CD-ROM (for Mac and PC) from Enciclopèdia Catalana, S.A.