Articles by Xavier Berenguer
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Digital Media
in Spanishin Catalan
Demons, specters and terrifying creatures: the oldest motifs in audiovisuals and their evolution (2023)
Praise for the program
in Spanishin Catalan
The program —the sequence of instructions— is an essential component of the digital code, as well as the code of life (2022)
Between the human and the engine
in Spanishin Catalan
An interface is well-designed when the engine behaves exactly how the user thought it would (2021)
To be in the cloud
in Spanishin Catalan
Part of our lives occurs into the web, and that has its prize (2019)
Interactive documentary and fiction since Myst (2004)
The medium is the program
in Spanishin Catalan
The nature of digital media: memory and program (2000)
Audiovisual and new millenium (cycle of sessions 1994-2000*)
On the CD-ROM devoted to the universal artist (1999*)
Stories by computer
in Spanishin Catalan
Possibilities for interactive storytelling (1998)
Introduction to the project and the script of multimedia (1997)
On the CD-ROM devoted to Catalan Poetry (1996*)
Digital promises
in Spanishin Catalan
Computer images, interactive systems, networks... (1996)
Pioneers of animation
in Spanishin Catalan
The first animators of images (1995)
Art & technology: the division fades
in Spanishin Catalan
The decreasing distance between art and technology (1994)
Artificial life
in Spanishin Catalan
Some figures that behave like tiny living beings (1993)
Simulating the logic of existence
in Spanish
Artificial life recreates an ecosystem and the laws that rule it (1993)
Three experimental animations by Animàtica (1992*)
State of the art from a production perspective (1991)
Computer graphics in Barcelona
in Spanishin Catalan
Panorama of computer animation in the city (1991)
Factories of dreams
in Spanish
From the magic lantern to computer (1991)
Walking between images
in Spanish
Virtual reality reflects the advancements on interactivity (1991)
The fair of images
in Spanish
A chronicle of the SIGGRAPH'90 festival (1990)
Nonexistent realities
in Spanish
A chronicle of the Imagina'90 festival (1990)
Arternative technologies
in Catalan
Communication technologies have changed the traditional sense of creation (1989)
After words
in Spanishin Catalan
The computer as a tool to create imatges (1989)
The art of calculating the art
in Spanish
The big leap in the creation of images (1989)
The path of the pioneers of fantasy
in French
Fantastic and synthetic images in Spain (1988)
The man who computes
in Spanish
An illustrated chronicle of the calculation tools (1988*)
Computers and superburocracy
in Catalan
"It will not be any human activity without the intervention of the computer" (1986)
The daughter of Lord Byron and the first computer in history (1986)
The electronic canvas
in Spanish
Computers and Art: first steps (1985)
Scary computers
in Spanish
Computers to serve the big powers (1985)
Automata of soul
in Spanish
The computer as utopia and as threat (1984)
The computers
in Spanish
History, applications and perspective (1978*)
The individual in front of the State
in Spanish
Legal mechanisms may threaten the privacy of citizens (1978*)
Computers and capitalism
in Spanish
"In the future we shall coexist with computers in the same way we coexist nowadays with telephones" (1973*)
Computers in Spain
in Spanish
"On 1975 in Spain will be about 2.500 computers" (1973*)

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