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Sala HAL was a cycle of projections and concerts dedicated to audiovisuals of the new 21th century. It beared the name of HAL, taken from the name of the computer from 2001, A Space Odyssey, symbol of the powerful technology of the new millennium.

Sala HAL invited to watch, listen and discuss on experimental and creative audiovisuals. It was aimed to professionals and scholars and, in general, to people seeking alternative and innovative productions.

Organized by the Audiovisual Institute in collaboration with the Phonos Foundation, Sala HAL cellebrated, from 1994 to 2000, a total of 44 sessions, each one documented with the corresponding bulletin:

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17 november 1994
Art Futura'94 - Alain Renaud

Sala HAL's inauguration takes place with a projection of the selection ART FUTURA'94, presented by its director Montxo Algora, with the participation of philosopher Alain Renaud, who provides a reflection on the new images and their meaning.

15 december 1994
Concert Phonos

The Phonos Foundation begins a new stage in its activities,within the framework of its collaboration with the Audiovisual Institute. An aspect of this collaboration is to be made public in the Sala HAL with this first concert.

19 january 1995
Experimental Cinema - Eugeni Bonet

The first event in the Sala HAL involving experimental cinema. Eugeni Bonet, a recognised expert in this field, presents a selection of works from two classic authors: Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye.

16 february 1995
Virtual Environments - Monika Fleischmann

The most daring proposition in digital audiovisuals consists of converting images into virtual environments in which to immerse oneself. Monika Fleischmann presents virtual productions from Germany's GMD.

16 march 1995
Phonos Concert: SONUS group

Sala HAL presents a concert organized by the SONUS Electro-acoustics and Computer Music Department, of the National Musical Conservatory of Lyon.

20 april 1995
Computer Art? - Brian Reffin Smith

Sala HAL questions the artistic value of computer-produced works. Hence the invitation of Brian Reffin Smith, an artist who works with computer and is a prominent critic of these types of works.

18 may 1995
Animation Pioneers - Emilio de la Rosa

Sala HAL recalls the first film makers who treated photographs to create the illusion of movement. The session consists of a screening of works by Chomón, Cohl and McCay and a conference given by Emilio de la Rosa, an expert on animation history in Spain.

15 june 1995
Lluís Callejo - Vol ad Libitum

Sala HAL presents a concert by the instrumental group Vol Ad Libitum. The session will take place within the activities of the SONAR Festival, and is dedicated to the memory of Lluís Callejo, a pioneer of electro-acoustic music in Spain.

19 october 1995
Art Futura'95 - Derrick de Kerckhove

Sala HAL opens the 1995-96 course with the screening of the ART FUTURA SHOW 95 and with the conference "Social and political implications of media access management" given by Derrick de Kerckhove, a well-known expert in the new communication and expression media.

16 november 1995
Antoni Muntadas

This Sala HAL session is devoted to Antoni Muntadas, one of the most well-known catalan audiovisual artists with an international prestige. The artist works comprise a wide variety of contents and formats.

21 december 1995
Concert Phonos - Orquestra del Caos

Sala HAL presents the Orquestra del Caos playing the composition "I See Caos" written by Joan Sanmartí. This piece is one of the compositions created thanks to the scholarships for audiovisual and musical creation, given in 1995 by the Audiovisual Institute and the Phonos Foundation.

18 january 1996
Goya - Emilio Casanova, Rafael Argullol

This year it's the 250th anniversary of the birth of an universal painter: Francisco de Goya. Sala HAL celebrates this anniversary with the screening of Pintar hasta perder la cabeza, a video-opera directed by Emilio Casanova, and with the lectureGoya, vèrtex de l'art modern given by Rafael Argullol.

18 february 1996
Convulsive Cinema (Tony Conrad, Paul Sharits)

Screening of the films 'The Flicker' by Tony Conrad and '3rd Degree' by Paul Sharits. Films selection and lecture given by Eugeni Bonet.

21 march 1996
Phonos Concert - Quartet Frullato

Sala HAL presents six musical pieces for old instruments with electronic elements in a concert by the Frullato cuartet. The pieces have been composed by Santiago Vera, Bruno Giner, Gabriel Brncic, Arturo Moya, Eduardo Polonio and Daniel Teruggi.

18 april 1996
Art and Mathematics - Michele Emmer

Sala HAL studies the relationship between mathematics and art with a lecture given by Michele Emmer, a world-wide expert on this matter, and with the screening of two films directed by him: 'The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher' and 'The Eye of Horus'.

16 may 1996
Documentary origins - Mercè Ibarz

Sala HAL features three classics of experimental and documentary cinema : A propos de Nice, Las Hurdes, tierra sin pan y Meshes of the afternoon, presented by Mercè Ibarz.

16 june 1996
Productions of IUA - Jean-Louis Comolli

Sala HAL presents some of the audiovisual and musical pieces produced during the 95-96 course in the Audiovisual Institute and the School of Audiovisual Communication of the Pompeu Fabra University. Lecture by the french documentary director, Jean-Louis Comolli.

31 october 1996
Art Futura'96 - Tom Evans

Sala HAL opens the course 1996-97 with the projection of the ART FUTURA'96 video show and with a lecture by Tom Evans, photograph and european expert on digital media education.

31 january 1997
Art in the electronic age - Kònic Thtr

Within the international congress "Art in the Electronic Age", directed by Claudia Giannetti and organised by the Goethe-Institut at Barcelona and the Diputació de Barcelona, Sala HAL presents "OOZE" by Kònic Thtr.

27 february 1997
Centre de creation Pierre Schaeffer - Pierre Bongiovanni

The Centre International de Création Video Pierre Schaeffer is a relevant place where authors have available residence and equipments for producing their works. Pierre Bongiovanni, its director, presents some of the CICV productions and discusses the need for audiovisual experimentation.

20 march 1997
La flauta de bec i l'actualitat - Joan Izquierdo

Sala Hal presents a concert of electroacoustic music given by the recorder player Joan Izquierdo. Joan Izquierdo will also give a lecture talking about the diferent compositions played in the concert.

20 april 1997
Interactive Arts - Roy Ascott

Prof. Roy Ascott, director of the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts and a well known specialist in this field, presents relevant productions and makes some reflections on the future of interactive arts.

22 may 1997
Val del Omar - Victoria Fonseca

Retrospective devoted to José Val del Omar, one of the more relevant spanish experimental filmmakers. Exhibition of his work : Tríptico elemental de España that includes three shorts: Aguaespejo granadino, Fuego en Castilla, Acariño galaico (de barro). Lecture given by the director of the Filmoteca de Andalucía.

19 june 1997
Seeing the sounds - Toru Takemitsu

The japanese composer Toru Takemitsu has written music for about ninety films. Among those films we cand find titles like 'Ran' by Akira Kurosawa. In this Sala HAL session we will listen and see images from the movies: 'The sand woman' (1964) directed by Hiroshi Teshigawara, 'Kaidan' (1964) by Masaki Kobayashi and 'Black Rain' (1986) by Shohei Imamura.

30 october 1997
Art Futura'97 - Manuel Castells

Sala HAL opens the 1997-98 academic year with the projection of the Art Futura 97 video show and with a lecture by Manuel Castells, sociologist and Information Society critic, that has recently published the first book of his trilogy "La era de la información: economía, sociedad, y cultura".

26 november 1997
Telemàtica i telepresència - Eduardo Kac

Sala HAL presents Brazilian artist Eduardo Kac, author of many works using technology and that has been working in the net experimenting with telepresence. Eduardo Kac will show some of his works and talk about them.

18 december 1997
Productions IUA 1996-1997

Sala HAL presents some of the audiovisual and musical pieces produced during 1996-97 course in the School of Audiovisual Communication and the Audiovisual Institute of the Pompeu Fabra University.

22 january 1998
Visual Music - Joran Rudi

Sala HAL presents a concert of Visual Music that consists in musical computer animations from the Norway Net of Technology, Acoustics and Music (NoTAM) and the participation of its director Joran Rudi.

26 february 1998
Electronic Musics

Sala HAL presents a concert in which will be played seven musical works produced during 1997 by UPF's IUA students and scholars.

25 april 1998
Sinew Kwintet

Sala HAL presents a lecture and concert by Sinew Quintet. The quintet is an enlargement of the dutch Sinew Trio doubling the saxo and the drums with two guests.

18 june 1998
Calculated Cinema - Eugeni Bonet

Sala HAL presents pioneering films ina a non-narrative style, which root from abstract cinema and are a starting point for contemporary computer generated proposals which move away from the common hiperrealism. Film selection and lecture by Eugeni Bonet.

21 october 1998
Siggraph'98 - Javier Echeverría

Sala HAL opens its fourth season with the exhibition of a selection chosen by our Institute of SIGGRAPH'98 animations and with the lecture "Telépolis y el tercer entorno. Un espacio nuevo tecnológico y social" by Javier Echeverría, philosopher, mathematician and cyberspace specialist.

19 november 1998
DAFX'98 Concert

Sala HAL presents an experimental music concert within the First International Congress of Digital Audio Effects DAFX'98, organized by the IUA.

17 december 1998
Interactive works produced at the IUA

Sala HAL presents seven interactive works produced at the IUA. The authors themselves will present their works and later will join in a pannel.

21 january 1999
Diagonal Symphony

Sala HAL begins 1999 with an attractive proposal: "Diagonal Symphony", a series of music pieces produced by new italian composers to serve as soundtracks for shorts from the cinematographic Avant-Garde of the twenties.

25 february 1999
The well-tuned amplifier

At the 50th anniversary of the "musique concrète", Sala HAL presents a series of sound poetics created in the IUA during 1998.

25 march 1999
Artificial Life Technosphere - Gordon Selley

Sala HAL shows TechnoSphere, an Internet pionneer Artificial Life experience, presented by one of its authors, Gordon Selley.

15 april 1999
Conlon Nancarrow - Julio Estrada

The composer Julio Estrada presents the life and works of the american musician Conlon Nancarrow through the projection of "Mil dedos", a metaphor of music for mechanical pianos.

20 may 1999
The digital author - Adriano Abbado

Sala HAL introduces Adriano Abbado, italian artist producer of images, animations, interactive programs... who has studied the correspondences between images and sounds.

17 june 1999
IUA Productions

Sala HAL presents four productions done in the IUA during the academic year 1998-99.

16 december 1999
The Story of Computer Graphics

Sala HAL presents "The Story of Computer Graphics", a documentary about the 50 years of evolution of the digital technology devoted to visualisation, with the participation of the most outstanding technicians, artists, visionaries and producers.

22 february 2000

Sala HAL presents a compilation selected by the IUA of the best computer animations presented at SIGGRAPH 1999, held in Los Angeles. An essential selection for everyone who wants to know the ultimate creative tendencies.

23 march 2000
Wax - David Blair

David Blair is an independent filmmaker author, among other films, of the feature WAX or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees. Since 1994, this film is also shown in the Internet ( in a pioneer experience that has acquired a cult condition.

25 may 2000
Norman McLaren, draughtsman of movement

Sala HAL presents a selection of films by Norman McLaren, a filmmaker internationally famous for his animation works produced at the National Film Board of Canada.

Bulletins edited by Xavier Berenguer
with the assistance of Anna Escoda and Joana Clotet